101 Negative Personality Traits And Characteristics

Posted by John Anumba

I will start this post by defining what a personality is. According to Oxford Languages, personality can be defined as 

“The combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character.”

We can, therefore, say that our character, nature, disposition, and temperament are determined by our personality. It also determines our approach to life and how we respond to life challenges that come to us.

In this post, we will be looking at 101 negative personality traits for better understanding. You will understand what these personalities are made of and how people that possess them behave.

Without much ado, let us proceed.

1. Abrasive Personality and Character Traits

For an abrasive personality, there are common traits that characterize it whether it has to do with relationship, work, or business.

Being too direct and honest is common with an abrasive personality. People like this are direct in their dealings and most times too honest that you might feel bad hearing the truth from them.

They hurt you without feeling any remorse and are not the best of voices when dealing with a delicate matter.

There two types of abrasive personalities. One is not aware that they hurt people with their directness and openness. The other type is fully aware that they cause people pain and take pride in being abrasive.

Being too controlling is another trait of an abrasive personality. They are intelligent, analytical, and have a good way of saying things confidently which is most times perceived as being too commanding.

Abrasive people are outspoken and opinionated. Shutting them up is not an easy task. If they have a problem with you, they have no problem letting you know even in the presence of everyone.

Empathy is not an emotion an abrasive personality feels; so be prepared to be uncomfortable with what they say. Holding back is not their style just in case you feel hurt by what they say.

2. Abrupt Personality and Character Traits

Abrupt personality is another negative personality we will be looking at in this post. People like this are far from being polite or friendly.

With them, you are getting the opposite of being nice. They don’t care what you feel – all they care about is letting you know how they feel as quickly as possible.

Your emotions are not considered so don’t expect them to have empathy. An abrupt personality is what you get with a blunt person that doesn’t like small talk.

They don’t go into details when expressing themselves. They are straight to the point which can come out as being rude. We are talking about no-nonsense personalities.

They can be disciplined and hold their values dear to their hearts. You get their attention when you cross certain lines and boundaries.

Getting back at you is not a problem because all options are brought to the table including getting physical with you.

With an abrupt personality, consequences are the best form of deterrent, and setting an example with their offender is kind of what they do.

With them, a word is always enough for the wise because they can say lots of mean things with just a few words.

3. Agonizing Personality and Character Traits

What does it mean to have an agonizing personality? What are the traits you see in people like this?

Having an agonizing personality is more about being a sadist. They love to see people suffer because to them that is the normal way of life.

Most times, people like this are suffering from bad childhood experiences and have not had the opportunity of seeing the bright side of life.

Because darkness has become the order of their day in their lives, they carry this bitterness with them.

They enjoy giving pain or seeing people in pain. They love to see people in pain which how they are able to become better torturers. 

Unless there is a complete psychological evaluation, it is almost impossible to discover the root cause of their mentality.

They might need love and care to be able to show them that love is possible. Patience is also required because changing the mindset of people like this is not an easy task.

It is easier if the decision to change is coming from them. It is abnormal to love seeing people sure and it takes long work to get people like this to have a change of heart.

4. Airy Personality and Character Traits

If you have got a need for a closed network of friends on a mission for something really important, you don’t want someone with an airy personality to be part of that team.

The reason is that people like this don’t understand what it means to stay focused on a mission and avoid failure at all costs.

People like this are always the weak link in a team because they don’t understand teamwork and consequences.

For better understanding, here are a few traits of an airy personality.

  • Light-hearted: For a light-hearted person, it means someone that doesn’t differentiate what is and is not important. You will be wrong to think that fully understand what needs to be done. Because they cannot differentiate what is important from what is not, they become the reason why their team fails.
  • Unserious: People with an airy personality are the most unserious people you can deal with. It is always about fun and life should not be taken too seriously. They have no goals because it requires the commitment that is not in their nature to give.
  • Pushovers: Because of their unseriousness, they become pushovers. People don’t take them seriously. It is obvious, they lack values and have no idea of what is to be held dear to heart.

5. Aloof Personality and Character Traits

Talking about an aloof personality, what are the traits you see in people like this? What does it mean to say someone is aloof?

For you to say someone has an aloof personality, here are some of the traits that will be common with this person:

  • Reserved: Not the interactive or chatty type. With just a book and an earpiece to shut the world around them out, they are good to go.
  • Not social: Socializing is not one of many traits of being an aloof personality. Because they are good at shutting the world out, they don’t feel the need to connect with anyone.
  • Cold: In a situation where you expect them to show an emotional reaction to events around them, they just walk away leaving you wondering if everything is okay. It is always like they’ve lost what it means to be part of a community and to be human.
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Is it good to be aloof?

There are good and bad sides to being an aloof personality. The positive is that it can help you disconnect from toxic people. 

You care less about them and what they think or feel about you. Disconnecting from toxic people will help you concentrate more on what is important to help you grow as a person.

The cons of being aloof are that it might disconnect you from society. In a more serious case, they might even disconnect from friends and family.

Shutting people out is the wrong way to live because it will seem like you are living comfortably in your self-imposed prison.

6. Amoral Personality and Character Traits

When it is said you have an amoral personality, it means you have no sense of self-respect.

You don’t know what it means for something to be right or wrong. You live without standards.

An amoral person sees nothing wrong with acting immorally. People like this have no principles.

They are pushovers and take decisions without first contemplating the rights and wrongs of their actions. They lack ethics and have no moral standards.

Sometimes people with an immoral personality exhibit signs of hopelessness. They refused to reason the rights and wrongs of their action because they see no need for it.

Not minding the consequences of their actions, they just go ahead with them.

Having an amoral personality is not a sign of smartness it is very possible that you have past experiences that affected them negatively and have made them resolve to accept whatever life throws at them.

It is also possible that their lack of caution can be a result of little or no parental figure and guidance.

7. Angry Personality and Character Traits

Having an angry personality is a sign that you have underlying psychological and emotional issues that you might or might not be aware of.

People that are always angry unable to keep relationships and friends because they have a bad social history.

When you have an angry personality, you will always experience negative thoughts and all your focus will always be on negative experiences.

Angry people are always impatient, easily irritated, and are hostile with little or no confrontation. 

People with an angry personality will not mind expressing their impatience physically. They argue often with people and get angry and in the process when they don’t get their way or make people see things in their own light.

Angry personality is always threatening violence to people and are is always unable to control his emotions

When you are unable to control your emotions, you find yourself being compelled to do violent things and to act impulsively whenever you are angry.

This is why people with an angry personality destroy things around them as a way to let off steam

An angry personality is most times scared of how he will react in any situation which drives them to stay away. They are aware they have little or no control over how they might react.

8. Anxious Personality and Character Traits

When you have an anxious personality you always be angry and frustrated probably because you have no idea of what to expect of a certain situation.

If you get into the habit of being anxious at all times, it will be very difficult for you to maintain a healthy relationship.

People with an anxious personality are driven by their inability to control their emotions.

Rather than taking a step back and try to understand what the cause of their fear and panic is, they react in the best way they know how, irritation, anger, and violence.

new line discovering the root of an anxiety disorder is the key to overcoming an anxious personality.

When you have an anxious personality, you always feel threatened. You always be in a fight or flight situation.

Not understanding which action to take in a situation where you feel like there are no escape routes, you can resort to defense mode which can cause you to engage in a fight.

Being anxious can cause you to be irritated easily and this irritation can make you get aggressive 

Having an anxious personality to control your life can cause you to get angry easily and at all times.

They have been a correlation between post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety, coupled with stress and depression.

To deal with an anxious personality you must first admit that you are always anxious and angry.

You must realize that not all situations in life must be in your control. The ones are within your reach, you can take action to deal with them and the ones that are not within your reach you, have to let them go and hope for the best

Learn to visualize yourself showing gratitude and being in control of your emotions and reactions to situations you normally wouldn’t agree with.

Learn to make use of cool songs that can help calm your nerves

There are focus classes that can help you deal with an anxious personality and in an extreme case, you might need to talk to a psychologist who will help you understand the root source of your anxiety and how to better manage them.

9. Apathetic Personality and Character Traits

Here are some of the character traits of an apathetic personality. They lack passion and motivation to go after their goals in life.

This has affected their behavior and ability to complete common and simple daily activities.

People with apathetic personality experience low energy levels which in turn demotivates and prevents them from accomplishing anything.

Having an apathetic personality can cause certain disinterest in different aspects of life. It might make the affected person lose interest in trying new things or meeting new people.

It affects their social life causing them to spend most of their time alone and indoors.

An apathetic personality can affect someone’s ability to perform well at work or school.

Also, it negatively affects their personal relationships this can lead to depression and cause a feeling of hopelessness and guilt.

They are serious risks that come with an apathetic personality two of which are suicide and substance use.

Below are the negative personality and character traits that are yet to be updated

10. Arbitrary Personality and Character Traits

People with an arbitrary personality have this dominating power over people around them.

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They are judgemental and unfair. 

It is always about their will and nothing else matters. They have this unrestrained and autocratic use of power.

This is the personality you see in tyrants – leaders that live for the fear their followers have for them.

The glorious feeling of having someone bow to you and be in constant fear of what you might do is what you get with an arbitrary personality.

They are dictators and very undemocratic. They suppress opposing voices and look for any means necessary to shut them up.

A country with this kind of leader will look for every way to suppress the voice of the people and the press.

They create a system where there are no structures in place to checkmate their excesses. They don’t like being held accountable for their actions and get used to the god-like feeling of the position they hold in their society.

People with arbitrary personality are not empathetic. They are not aware of how they hurt people around them.

They are not good listeners so understanding others is not one of their many negative traits.

Arbitrary people are proud and feel easily threatened when they suspect their power is being challenged.

11. Argumentative Personality and Character Traits

Argumentative people always feel threatened, most times by issues they are aware of, or sometimes, it is a subconscious issue.

People with this personality have an unconscious need to be heard and recognized. When this is not going their way, people with an argumentative personality feel threatened and will want to force their opinion on you.

They have this know-it-all attitude and correcting them can be almost impossible. It possible they are well informed in the topic being argued about but most times, they are ignorant of the truth.

Argumentative personality love to show how powerful he or she is in any scenario. They are in constant search of respect and recognition.

Not getting their way can turn violent because they are also short-tempered people.

As stated earlier, it is possible that past experiences have prompted their insecurities and defensiveness of an argumentative personality.

Understanding someone like this helps you manage them. You learn not to argue much with them even when you know they are wrong because you might never get through to them.

It is always better to win an argument with them through action or let them experience how wrong they are.

Until they realize how ignorant they are about any situation, it is almost impossible to win a verbal brawl with an argumentative personality.

12. Arrogant Personality and Character Traits

Being arrogant is not one personality with lots of positive traits. Though there are few good aspects of being an arrogant personality, most times, their character can be repulsive and push people away.

One common character trait of arrogant people is that they are always late to an appointment. They don’t come late because of conditions beyond their control, they do it on purpose. Arrogant people believe they have more value than others.

People should wait for them and not them being early to wait for others. It hurts their ego.

Even in the meeting, it is common practice for them to interrupt others. They believe their ideas are the best and will always want to enforce them. People with arrogant personality have little regard for other people’s opinions.

The thought of being better than others is the main reason why they don’t value other inputs. They are not good team players and love working alone because they believe no one else in the team can match their intelligence.

Arroangnt people are proud. Humility is not one of the many traits you see in them which brings about their repulsiveness.

In a situation where they feel they are losing control of being heard, arrogant people go out of their way to prove that they are right and that their ideas are the best.

To them, their status is more important than what they have to offer so doing all they can to retain it becomes the most important mission.

People with arrogant personality never believe a mission or task is above them. On the flip side, this is an added advantage which is why they most times seem successful.

Their can-do mindset is the main reason why they are able to achieve a lot. The quest to prove their ability drives them to take on challenges that seem to be bigger than them.

One repulsive trait of an arrogant personality is that they see being weak as taboo. It is almost impossible to relate with them if you don’t have a strong personality.

They never realize that we all cannot be the same and there are ups and downs in life. They don’t have empathy and will never show it where necessary

Arrogant people live for the attention they receive. They love being the center of focus and loved being talked about.

If they perceive that someone else is trying to take their shine, they begin to see that person as an enemy. Dealing with a healthy competition is not something arrogant people can do because every challenge is seen as a threat.

Arrogance is the main reason why they are unable to build healthy relationships because their character pisses people off. 

They are barely liked and can only relate with people of like-mind. They are often seen as being cruel.

13. Artificial Personality and Character Traits

People with artificial personality are fake people, they are rarely genuine with themselves and other people.

An artificial personality will go the extra mile to keep up appearances. They care a lot about what other people say or think about them.

This drives them to lie a lot, gossip a lot, and borrow to keep up appearances.

Rather than mind their businesses they focus more time on other people’s personal lives. They barely grow in life because they spend little or no time developing themselves positively.

Their artificial mentality causes them to develop their knowledge of the latest trends and how to keep up with them.

They don’t mind being in debt to get the latest in others to keep up with their outward lie which has to do with their presumed status in the society they live in.

Artificial people are stressed mentally and emotionally. The race never ends with their constant fear of not being up to date and falling out of the pecking order.

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They most times live their lives wishing they had done things differently.

14. Asocial Personality and Character Traits

Comparing asocial and antisocial, both are very related but not completely the same.

People that are antisocial have this hostile relation to society at large but asocial people care less about people and what is happening around them.

When you have an asocial personality, you most likely will be an introvert and hate having your personal matters discussed in public.

Asocial people are private people but not in a healthy way.

Their disconnection from people is a sign of a deep psychological issue that requires professional aid.

Getting them to overcome their introversion depends on how much you are able to tap into their subconscious to find out what is really wrong with them and what they really need.

It is possible they have anxiety disorders, which cause panic when they are in the midst of strangers.

Until the root cause is discovered, it might be impossible to get through to them to build a connection.

They require patience or else trying to force them out of their shells drives them deeper.

15. Assertive Personality and Character Traits

16. Astigmatic Personality and Character Traits

17. Barbaric Personality and Character Traits

18. Bewildered Personality and Character Traits

19Bizarre Personality and Character Traits

20. Bland Personality and Character Traits

21. Blunt Personality and Character Traits

22. Boisterous Personality and Character Traits

23. Brittle Personality and Character Traits

24. Brutal Personality and Character Traits

25. Calculating Personality and Character Traits

26. Callous Personality and Character Traits

27. Cantankerous Personality and Character Traits

28. Careless Personality and Character Traits

29. Cautious Personality and Character Traits

30. Charmless Personality and Character Traits

31. Childish Personality and Character Traits

32. ClumsyPersonality and Character Traits

33. Coarse Personality and Character Traits

34. Cold Personality and Character Traits

35. Colorless Personality and Character Traits

36. Complacent Personality and Character Traits

37. Complaintive Personality and Character Traits

38. Compulsive Personality and Character Traits

39. Conceited Personality and Character Traits

40. Condemnatory Personality and Character Traits

41. Conformist Personality and Character Traits

42. Confused Personality and Character Traits

43. Contemptible Personality and Character Traits

44. Conventional Personality and Character Traits

45. Cowardly Personality and Character Traits

46. Crafty Personality and Character Traits

47. Crass Personality and Character Traits

48. Crazy Personality and Character Traits

49. Criminal Personality and Character Traits

50. Critical Personality and Character Traits

51. Crude Personality and Character Traits

52. Cruel Personality and Character Traits

53. Cynical Personality and Character Traits

54. Decadent Personality and Character Traits

55. Deceitful Personality and Character Traits

56. Delicate Personality and Character Traits

57. Demanding Personality and Character Traits

58. Dependent Personality and Character Traits

59. Desperate Personality and Character Traits

60. Destructive Personality and Character Traits

61. Devious Personality and Character Traits

62. Difficult Personality and Character Traits

63. Dirty Personality and Character Traits

64. Disconcerting Personality and Character Traits

65. Discontented Personality and Character Traits

66. Discouraging Personality and Character Traits

67. Discourteous Personality and Character Traits

69. Dishonest Personality and Character Traits

70. Disloyal Personality and Character Traits

71. Disobedient Personality and Character Traits

72. Disorderly Personality and Character Traits

73. Disorganized Personality and Character Traits

74. Disputatious Personality and Character Traits

75. Disrespectful Personality and Character Traits 

76. Disruptive Personality and Character Traits

77. Dissolute Personality and Character Traits

78. Dissonant Personality and Character Traits

79. Distractible Personality and Character Traits

80. Disturbing Personality and Character Traits

81. Dogmatic Personality and Character Traits

82. Domineering Personality and Character Traits

83. Dull Personality and Character Traits

84. Easily Discouraged Personality and Character Traits

85. Egocentric Personality and Character Traits

86. Enervated Personality and Character Traits

87. Envious Personality and Character Traits

88. Erratic Personality and Character Traits

89. Escapist Personality and Character Traits

90. Excitable Personality and Character Traits

91. Expedient Personality and Character Traits

92. Extravagant Personality and Character Traits

93. Extreme Personality and Character Traits

94. Faithless Personality and Character Traits

95. False Personality and Character Traits

96. Fanatical Personality and Character Traits

97. Fanciful Personality and Character Traits

98. Fatalistic Personality and Character Traits

99. Fawning Personality and Character Traits

100. Fearful Personality and Character Traits

101. Aimless Personality and Character Traits

Aimless personality is what you get with people that are unable to focus on anything in their lives. Succeeding in almost all their endeavor becomes a challenge because they don’t have what it takes.

Here are a few traits you see in an aimless personality:

  • Lacks focus: People with an aimless personality do not have what it takes to focus on something for long. For one reason or another, they abandon a project they are on and move on to another without completing the first one.
  • Undisciplined: Discipline is another important aspect of any success story and when one is aimless and lacks focus, it proves this person is undisciplined.
  • Shiny object syndrome: This is what you get with people that get this new project rush and excitement. After a while, they lose interest and move on to another project they find interesting. The cycle continues for a long time. Unless there is an intervention, people like this cannot help themselves.
  • Jack of all trade: Because of the inability of an aimless personality to stick to a project for long, switching from one project to another makes them a jack of all and master of none.
  • Gives up easily and keeps making excuses: Even when it seems an aimless person is making progress with a current project, they give and find ways to keep making excuses.

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