10 Tips to look good when you want to attract attention

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10 tips to look good when you want to attract attention

Have you ever caught a girl’s gaze when you are in a cafe or anywhere else? Find out how to look good while trying to grab attention with these 10 tips.

Almost all the time we meet a girl that we like.

It could be in a restaurant, cafe, at a conference, or even in college.

But since catching a girl’s gaze is important, it depends a lot on what you do next.

Have you ever caught a girl’s gaze only to see that she lost interest in you after awhile?

This cutie across the table might have been trying to get your attention, but all of a sudden she’s not giving any attention anymore.

Have you ever wondered what went wrong? [Read: How to get a girl’s attention under all circumstances]

How to look good trying to get a girl’s attention

The first exchange of looks can stir a lot of emotions, but to keep a girl’s interest on you, you need to look good and spark her interest in you throughout the process.

Here are 10 tips on how to look good while catching a girl’s eye for the first time.

# 1 Appear like you have a life. 

Appear busy or appear busy. You might have caught a girl’s attention, but never make it seem like you have anything better to do than look at her. By constantly watching without taking a break, you want to either appear like a loser or have that girl run away in no time.

# 2 Get the right eye contact. 

Eye contact is everything. It is the first step to all good things, especially in love and relationships. If you want to look into someone else’s eyes well, you need to learn the art of flirting with your eyes. Take a look every now and then, and always make the other person want more. [Read: 10 subtle tips for flirting through eye contact]

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# 3 Don’t stay in your corner unless you have no choice. 

It’s easier to look good when you’re in a large group. It is easier to attract attention. It’s easier to appear busy. And it’s definitely easier to believe that you’re the center of attention.

You might assume that it’s easier to get attention by sitting away from your group, but in reality, sitting with a few friends always brings more attention, especially of the opposite sex. But if you’re with a few friends who make you look bad, well, you’d better be sitting in your corner. 

# 4 Show off your best assets. 

Do you think you have great legs or the perfect shoulders? Show it? Sit in a way that accentuates your best features for this girl. Of course, you have to be discreet about this though. 

# 5 Blush or appear embarrassed when your eyes meet. 

No matter how obvious the fixing game can be and looks can be stolen, showing your awkwardness when your eyes meet. The air of edginess always makes romance so much more beautiful and sweet.

# 6 Involve your friends. 

This is an easy way to make things awkward between the two of you. Let your friends watch this girl and nudge every now and then or make a big deal on the flirty game. By doing this, the whole fixing game will become more obvious and impossible for any of you to forget.

In many cases, simply stolen looks die within minutes when the novelty wears off. But by involving your friends, you can make the game run much longer.

# 7 Good posture. 

Always sit or stand tall with good posture when trying to get attention. This makes you look good. Dominant posture will always work in your favor.

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# 8 Feel sexy on yourself. 

Unless you love yourself and find yourself attractive, no one else in the whole world will ever find you attractive. Be confident and feel yourself. If you catch a girl’s gaze on you, look at her and feel feel. Doesn’t the fact that a girl is trying to get your attention instead of someone else in the room mean something, don’t you think? [Read: A simple way to increase your sexy appearance]

# 9 Don’t sound nervous or restless. 

No girl likes a nervous guy. A restless guy puts anyone off. Sit comfortably and have fun with the stolen looks. You really don’t have to do anything if you’re not ready to take the next step yet. You can play with the things around you, pretend you’re bored, but don’t reveal your nervousness for anyone to see. [Read: 10 biggest misfires on a date]

# 10 Create opportunities for each other. 

If the two of them have exchanged glances, don’t let her go in vain and deflate before you interact with her. There isn’t much a guy can do here other than wave and talk to the girl. [Read: Do girls like shy boys who don’t take the first step?]

Eye contact can be the first step in many good things. But you still need to know these 10 tips on how to look good if you want to grab a girl’s attention and make her like you at first sight.

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